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Add SO2GO for Preservative Free Wine or Beer

Preservative and Sulfur Free Additive...  Do you enjoy wine or beer but experience side effects such as HEADACHES, nasal congestion, wheezing, chest tightness, SKIN FLUSH, skin rash or migraine?

Like many people in the United States, having these symptoms may mean you are sensitive to Sulfites. To relieve these symptoms, add SO2GO to your wine. champagne, beer, or cider and lower the levels of "free" sulfite preservatives quickly, without affecting quality or taste. ‚Äč 

Testimonial - Now I can drink alcohol without fear of a headache!

Linda Ring, Fashionista

Thanks Claire, I can now avoid the headaches I was getting from drinking wine or champagne on special occasions and actually enjoy my nights out without worrying about the next morning because of SO2GO.

Super little product I keep in my handbag!

Linda x
Instagram @lindaring21

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